Services and Planning

services headerArmoury In Action CEO Neil Mountain and his team of armourers and SFX technicians have worked on numerous film, tv and entertainment productions for over 35 years.

We work in the UK and abroad, in all conditions and circumstances.  Our experience and knowledge is considerable and we work carefully and creatively.

What happens when you hire Armoury In Action?

  • We liaise with all relevant personnel and departments regarding their requirements for equipment and services.
  • We are fully aware of the demands and routines of working on set on all types of productions.
  • We will check scripts for technical accuracy and requirements and advise accordingly.
  • We will give advice on the law in relation to firearms and weapons of all types.
  • We will produce Method Statements and Risk Assessments, to conform to Health and Safety at Work Regulations, Noise at Work Regulations and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health.
  • We supply of appropriate Personal Protection Equipment for cast and crew.
  • We will give firearms instruction and training on set with SFX blank ammunition.
  • We will If required arrange training with live ammunition on a MOD approved firing range.
  • We will supervise all usage of our equipment when required throughout its use on set to make sure it is used correctly, safely and to the requirements of the production.