Armoury In Action CEO Neil Mountain and his team of armourers and SFX technicians have worked on hundreds of film, tv and entertainment productions for over 35 years.

See our extensive credit list for our experience credentials.

We work in the UK and abroad, in all conditions and circumstances.  We are totally familiar with the demands and disciplines of working on sets and with cast and crew members.

Our experience and knowledge is considerable and we work carefully and creatively.

Suppliers to the TV & film industries of:-

  • Live practical, prop and stunt firearms
  • Practical, prop and stunt edged and other weapons
  • Police and military equipment
  • Ballistic SFX – bullet hits
  • Armourers and SFX technicians
  • We are authorized by the Home Office to supply Section 5 Prohibited Firearms and licenced by the Police to supply all other firearms
  • BBC and ITV approved contractors
  • We are members of the GTA and BECTU

We are Armoury In Action – one of the UK’s most reliable, trusted and respected armoury companies.